Why Your Contacts May Be Causing Discomfort

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to eyeglasses for those who need prescription eye care. This allows individuals to participate in outdoor activities or sports without having to worry about their eyeglasses breaking or falling off. In addition, since the contacts sit directly on the eye, they are able to offer all-around vision with no peripheral obstruction that the frames of eyeglasses tend to give. Unfortunately, the proximity of a contact lens to the cornea can result in red, dry, and itchy eyes. [Read More]

3 Sleep Issues That You Should Discuss With A Physician

If you have trouble sleeping, it can make your day to day life difficult. Concentrating on daily tasks can be hard, which can put a damper on your relationships or your work life. To help improve your sleep, you should seek help from a medical professional to be diagnosed. Read on for a few sleep issues that you should see a physician about to be diagnosed and treated properly. 1. Sleep Walking [Read More]

Medspas Can Help Smoking Teens Minimize Wrinkle Appearance

At this point in history, nobody thinks that smoking cigarettes is a good health decision. However, many teens start every year and end up suffering from many side effects. One of these is early wrinkle development, a problem that may effect their self-esteem without the help of a medspa. Smoking May Affect Your Skin and Self-Esteem Although cigarette smoking may seem rebellious to many teens — at least those who don't turn to vaping — the sad truth is that it causes a lot of harm to the body. [Read More]

Birth Control: It's For More Than Just Pregnancy Prevention

Birth control is most often associated with preventing pregnancy. However, birth control has many other medical usages that might be able to help you safeguard or improve your health. Learn how birth control is for more than just preventing pregnancy.  Irregular Periods Irregular periods are cycles that don't follow the normal menstruation cycle. For example, instead of having a period every month, a woman who experiences irregular periods might only have a cycle a few times a year. [Read More]