Birth Control: It's For More Than Just Pregnancy Prevention

Birth control is most often associated with preventing pregnancy. However, birth control has many other medical usages that might be able to help you safeguard or improve your health. Learn how birth control is for more than just preventing pregnancy.  Irregular Periods Irregular periods are cycles that don't follow the normal menstruation cycle. For example, instead of having a period every month, a woman who experiences irregular periods might only have a cycle a few times a year. [Read More]

4 Things You Should Know About Epidural Steroid Injection

Spinal injuries can be extremely painful. In order to live your life to the fullest while dealing with a spinal injury, pain management is key. Unfortunately, many painkillers may not provide enough relief. If that's true for you, an epidural steroid injection might be the solution you need. During this procedure, steroidal medication is injected directly into your spine. This can eliminate inflammation and allow you to feel better. Here are four things you should know about epidural steroid injection. [Read More]

Recently Had Orthopedic Surgery? Tips To Help Speed Up Your Recovery

Going through orthopedic surgery can take quite a toll on the body. Whether it was a procedure to correct problems with your knees or elbows or some other joint, bone, or ligament, it is often a long road to recovery. If you have recently had orthopedic surgery and are eager to get back on track in your life, the following information can provide you with some helpful tips to speed up the recuperation process so you're able to live to the fullest once again. [Read More]

Better Breathing: Control Of Asthma And Allergies

When your breathing isn't as good as it should be, this could indicate that your allergies are not under control. While allergies and asthma are two separate diagnoses, the two often go together to cause a set of symptoms. What causes your allergy symptoms to flare up are often the same irritants that cause your asthma to create problems. You can even get asthma symptoms from food or skin allergies, so it's important to pay attention to your triggers. [Read More]