Recently Had Orthopedic Surgery? Tips To Help Speed Up Your Recovery

Going through orthopedic surgery can take quite a toll on the body. Whether it was a procedure to correct problems with your knees or elbows or some other joint, bone, or ligament, it is often a long road to recovery. If you have recently had orthopedic surgery and are eager to get back on track in your life, the following information can provide you with some helpful tips to speed up the recuperation process so you're able to live to the fullest once again. [Read More]

Better Breathing: Control Of Asthma And Allergies

When your breathing isn't as good as it should be, this could indicate that your allergies are not under control. While allergies and asthma are two separate diagnoses, the two often go together to cause a set of symptoms. What causes your allergy symptoms to flare up are often the same irritants that cause your asthma to create problems. You can even get asthma symptoms from food or skin allergies, so it's important to pay attention to your triggers. [Read More]

Worried About Your Child's Strange Lump, Bump, Or Bruise? Four Signs Of Childhood Leukemia

Childhood cancer is every parent's worst fear. However, advances in leukemia treatment mean that these diagnoses aren't always a death sentence, and many children beat childhood leukemia and go on to live long, healthy lives. Getting a prompt diagnosis and a head start on treatment can often be the difference between a positive outcome and a poor one, so it's important for parents to know some of the signs their child may display if he or she is developing this serious blood cancer. [Read More]

That Stings! Insects And Arachnids To Avoid When You Discover You Are Allergic

When your doctor informs you that you have a stinging insect allergy, you will want to know more. It is more than just bees that will sting you and cause problems. Generally, people who are allergic to bee stings are allergic to other types of insect and arachnid stings as well. The following list will help you remember which insects and arachnids to avoid so that you will not need an epi-pen or an emergency trip to the hospital. [Read More]