Does Men's Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can negatively impact a man at any moment. While it happens more often to older men, younger men can experience this issue too. A man might have trouble getting an erection for a wide range of reasons, but an imbalance in hormones could be one of several causes. Just like women can have trouble with hormonal imbalances, men can experience something similar that causes them to experience erectile dysfunction and low energy.

Myths Surrounding Speech-Language Therapy for Adults

Even though speech-language therapy is often assumed as something only children can benefit from, adults should also speak to a therapist if they have a speech impediment issue. There are a lot of myths about speech therapy for adults. Here is a look at some of the most prevailing myths and the actual facts you should know.  Myth: By the time someone reaches adulthood, it is too late for speech-language therapy.