A Comprehensive Screening Process And Documentation

A healthcare facility is a place of business where sick and well people may be within close proximity of one another. If the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted you to take stricter measures concerning illnesses, you may have decided to add a temperature scanning kiosk to your facility. Learn how a comprehensive scanning process and documentation features can prevent the spread of germs.

Online Services And Segregation Efforts

Many hospitals and private doctors' offices have added online medical appointments to their services. These types of appointments reduce the spread of germs. If your medical facility offers online appointments, a great number of people who are exhibiting signs of an illness may refrain from visiting your medical establishment.

In spite of this, there may be occasions in which sick patients, employees, and visitors walk into the building. The use of a health screening system will keep sick people away from those who do not have a fever or any signs of illness. Segregation efforts should involve installing a kiosk in an area that is well-ventilated and far away from any people who are occupying the medical facility.

A Comprehensive Scanning Process And Documentation

A comprehensive scanning process will involve taking the temperature at multiple points. A contactless forehead and pulse scan will provide two separate temperature readings. A kiosk may contain a counter or table, which can be used to display literature about the scanning process, hand sanitizer, gloves, and a label machine.

Some kiosk models will require a person's photograph to be taken. Upon an individual passing a temperature screening process, a badge will be printed out that will contain the individual's picture and name. Software that is built into a kiosk may allow an end user to state their name aloud or use a keyboard to type it.

If someone fails the temperature screening process, they will not be given a picture and name badge to wear into your facility. A kiosk may provide real-time alerts. These alerts will update you about anyone who has failed the screening process.

A screening process will not take long to conduct. Each person who enters the facility can use a self-serve process to participate in the screening process. The addition of a kiosk will aid with monitoring your staff members, as well as patients and visitors. You can make it a requirement for each employee to participate in a temperature screening prior to entering the medical facility and beginning their shift.

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