What Will You Learn In Medical Assistant Coursework?

As you consider your career options for the future, you might think about medical assistant work. This is a diverse program that can often be done completely or partially online, making it a convenient option.

Medical assistant coursework is a great tool to help you get the job you want. Here's what you will be learning in class.

Medical Terminology

Learning the correct vocabulary is crucial to your career in medical assisting. This course teaches you all the words involved in the skeletal and cardiovascular systems, for example. You will also learn the names of different procedures, treatments, and medications.

You may also be required to take an anatomy class in which you learn more about the human body, including the various systems and organ issues.

Medical Records

Medical records are an important part of the job as a medical assistant. You have to learn how to manage files for paper and electronic records. You also have to understand HIPAA and the ways in which you are required to respect HIPAA.

This course may also focus on medical law and the ethics involved in assisting physicians. You must learn how to follow the laws and regulations in your state.

Clinical Procedures

The procedures involved in medical clinical work can become complicated. You will need to check vital signs, collect information, and follow a variety of new procedures based on the office you work in. You have to learn how to perform these tasks safely.

Medical assistants also learn about the different tools used during medical procedures, and they also learn how to chart information provided by medical professionals and patients. They may even learn how to assist with minor procedures and surgeries.

Lab Procedures

Medical assistants also work in the lab, so they need to know a variety of chemistry procedures and some techniques for performing a urinalysis and other procedures. You will learn how to handle specimens safely.

Customer Service and Patient Interaction

As a medical assistant, you will have some interaction with patients. This means you need to learn a few skills for patient interaction. You will learn some helpful skills for making decisions, having empathy, and managing communication.

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