The Primary Advantages That Oxygen Rental Can Offer to Patients

As a pulmonary patient, you may need to use a variety of resources to help you breathe. You probably most rely on oxygen tanks to provide you with enough air to be comfortable, relatively healthy, and safe each day. However, it may not be practical for you to take the large and bulky tank that you use at home with you every day. Instead, you can benefit from using an oxygen rental when you have to leave the house.


An oxygen rental is designed to offer you the portability that you want as a patient. You may not want to be confined at home, hooked up to your large tank every single day. You should want to be able to leave your house and enjoy life beyond your front door. You can get this mobility and freedom to come and go as you please with an oxygen rental. The tank that you rent can fit easily in your car, be light enough to pick up and take with you, and be able to hold enough oxygen in it to last for hours. You can shop, go to church, visit your doctor, and carry out other routine tasks without having to fit your large home tank in the car with you.

Lower Cost

An oxygen rental is also a more viable option for those looking to stay on a budget, particularly when you are living on disability or pension benefits. You may not have the most generous budget for buying brand-new medical equipment. Even more, your Medicare and supplement plan may not cover the costs of a portable tank for you. Instead of spending all of your savings on a new tank, you can rent one for a lower price. You pay a fraction of the purchase price each month. This lower leasing price can fit easier into your budget and still allow you enough money to live. You also get an oxygen rental that you need to help you breathe.

Finally, an oxygen rental can hold enough air to last for hours. You may worry that its small size can leave you without the oxygen you need to remain comfortable and safe. However, it can provide enough air for you to breathe for several hours without having to refill it.

An oxygen rental can provide you with a number of benefits. It allows you the mobility to leave your home. It is also affordable and can hold hours of air.