Visit Urgent Care For A One-Off Physical

Getting an annual physical, especially if you get up in age, is important. For this, you'll ideally want to have a family doctor, as he or she can assess your health metrics from one year to another to get an insight into how you're doing. There can be times, however, that you need a one-off physical, and you may be unsure about how to proceed if you don't have a family doctor. What you might not know is that many urgent care facilities can provide physicals, which means that you can easily get this appointment with little fuss. While it's worthwhile to contact your local clinic to ensure that this is possible, here are some considerations about this topic.

When You Might Need One

The average person may get an annual physical for the purpose of keeping track of his or her health, but many other individuals need one-off physicals for a variety of reasons. If you've had a job interview and have conditionally been hired pending a physical, you'll need to get one promptly. This is common in industries with physically demanding positions, as well as the security industry. Sometimes, athletes will also need physicals. For example, if you're a martial artist who is competing in a tournament, you'll need a clean physical before you're allowed to participate.

Everything You Require

An urgent care center is fully equipped to perform each of the tasks that make up a physical. The doctor who attends to you can check all of your vital signs and note them in a document that will then be forwarded to your employer. Additionally, should your physical include blood work, many urgent care centers have on-site labs. This means that you can visit the lab immediately after the examination to have blood drawn. It can be assessed promptly, and the findings can be added to the physical report.

Prompt Care

You don't want to wait to try to get a new family doctor just for a physical, so this is a perfect time to see urgent care. Whether you're waiting on your physical for a pending job or because of an athletic competition, finding a family doctor and scheduling an appointment for a physical may take weeks or longer, depending on where you live. This can cause you to miss out on the opportunity. Through seeking urgent care, you'll get the physical promptly so that you can move forward.

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