Ways To Help A Family Member Going Through Chemotherapy

It can be very difficult to watch as a loved one battles cancer, but helping this person out by providing support can make the most of a challenging time in your lives. If the person is going through chemotherapy, it's important for you to support him or her however you can. One way to do so is to drive the person to these regular appointments. The patient won't likely feel up to driving, and your help and companionship on these days will be valuable. There are several other ways that you can offer your support for your loved one during this battle. Here are some suggestions.

Prepare The Right Food

Offering to cook for the cancer patient can be a valuable way to support him or her. This isn't just about dropping off food at the person's house, though. You'll also need to take an interest in his or her diet. Chemotherapy patients commonly lose their appetite, which is especially common if the person is experiencing a high degree of nausea. Talking to the patient about what he or she would like to eat on any given day is important so that you're not preparing foods that aren't appealing. Keep in mind that chemotherapy patients can also suffer from diarrhea, so foods that aren't overly high in fiber can be a good idea.

Remember Key Details

Chemotherapy patients often complain of feeling as though they're in a brain fog, which can be frustrating. Another valuable way for you to help your loved one is by remembering key details for him or her and writing them down. This goes beyond noting the date and time of each chemotherapy appointment, although doing so is important. Other things that the person will want to remember, whether it's other appointments, peoples' birthdays, errands to run, and more, can all be useful for you to write down and verbally remind the patient.

Browse Wigs And Hats

One of the most publicized side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss, and the patient may be concerned about how this change will affect him or her. You can be supportive by taking the family member to a wig store to look at different options. Going through this process alone can be upsetting, and your presence can really help. Additionally, you may wish to take your loved one shopping for hats, scarves, and other headwear that he or she may wish to wear in addition to a wig or instead of one.

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