3 Types Of Medical Equipment For Seniors With Mobility Or Balance Issues

If you are a senior who has difficulty with balance or mobility, you may be looking for assistive equipment or devices. There are many medical products that are designed to assist you at home or while you're out and about. For safety and convenience, you might want to consider shower chairs, mobility scooters, and motorized lift chairs. Consider the following:

1. Shower Chair or Transfer Bench

If you have difficulty with your balance and you are concerned about falling in the bathtub or shower, a shower chair is an ideal option. At a medical supply company, you will find shower chairs that are padded as well as non-padded. Some shower chairs have backrests and arms, while others are designed like stools. Some even fold compactly for easy storage and include tool-free assembly.

What should you look for in your bath or shower chair? For one thing, adjustable legs will offer you the height you need or prefer. Many are adjustable in one-inch increments. Adjustable seat height is convenient as well. Most importantly, check the weight capacity. Some bath and shower chairs feature a heavy-duty support system for bariatric patients.

As the name suggests, a transfer bench is designed to help the user transfer in and out of the shower or bathtub, and it also functions as a bench for bathing. A transfer bench extends beyond the edge of the bathtub. If you have difficulty stepping inside your shower or bathtub, a transfer bench may be helpful. Many include removable backrest as well.

All transfer benches and shower chairs will include suction cups with rubber feet. This will keep the chair or bench steady and prevent movement or slipping while in use.

2. Mobility Scooter

A motorized scooter is a perfect solution for seniors who have difficulty getting around. With a mobility scooter, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities and duties, as well as stay mobile within your home. You may choose from a small mobility scooter or a larger model. You might also consider a compact and folding unit for travel. Some models have three wheels, while others offer four. An all-terrain mobility scooter can travel over a variety of surfaces.

You will also find several accessories that may be used with your mobility scooter. A backpack or armrest bag can attach to the back or arm of your scooter. This is handy for storing items you may need as you are out and about. Water cup or beverage holders are another convenient accessory for your scooter. How about a power scooter trailer? This is a little hitch on wheels that is designed to transport or tow heavy items while you use your scooter. You might also want a mobility scooter dust cover that protects your scooter from dirt and dust while stored away.

3. Power Lift Chair

If you have difficulty rising from your recliner or arm chair, a power lift chair could provide an ideal solution. Through the help of an internal motor, the lift chair will help you stand up from your seated position with the push of a button. You will find two- and three-position lift chairs, as well as infinite-position lift chairs that provide many positions for reclining.

To choose the most suitable lift chair, consider the weight capacity and width of the seat. You'll want a seat width that will accommodate the width of your hips. A lift chair with foot rest extensions is a good option if you are tall or have longer legs. Also, you can customize your chair. Do you prefer fabric or leather? Various colors may be available to coordinate with your home decor. You can also buy lift chair accessories, such as a side tray table for snacking or doing crafts.

Check with your medical equipment dealer to learn more.