Protecting Your Unborn Baby From Hearing Loss

Many things can cause hearing loss, but did you know that even the things an expectant mother does risk her unborn child's hearing? Therefore, if you are expecting a child, you need to take appropriate measures to safeguard your bundle of joy's hearing; start with these three:

Preempt Malnutrition

There is evidence that malnutrition during pregnancy increases the risk of hearing impairment for the baby. Malnutrition occurs when you don't eat enough food, don't eat the right foods or have a body that can't absorb all the nutrients you need. Therefore, don't just assume that you are well nourished if you are eating plenty of well-balanced foods.  You need regular health checkups to confirm that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Prevent and Treat Infections

Some infections have also been known to increase unborn baby's risk of hearing impairment. Examples of such infections include tuberculosis (TB), syphilis and German missiles. These infections can pass from the mother to her unborn baby and cause health complications for the fetus, including hearing damage.  Therefore, if you are pregnant, it's in your best interest to prevent infections and seek medical treatment at the first sign of trouble.

Don't Smoke

Smoking has been linked to numerous nasty diseases (cancer comes to mind), but few people know that it increases the risk of hearing damage for unborn babies. After all, tobacco contains many dangerous chemicals that nobody should ingest. Therefore, even if you don't care about the effects of smoking on your health, you should quit for the sake of your baby's hearing.

Don't Take Medication without Your Doctor's Approval

Lastly, you should also know that some forms of medication may also put your baby's hearing at risk. As you know, some chemicals can pass through the placenta and reach your unborn baby. This means the medicines you take may have an effect on the fetus. Thereof, if you ingest medicine that may affect hearing, even the unborn baby's hearing may be affected. This is one of the reasons you shouldn't rely on self-medication during your pregnancy. Before taking any kind of medicine, have it cleared by your physician.

The above aren't the only things that can cause hearing losses; some may even be beyond your control. Therefore, do your best but don't beat yourself if your child develops hearing loss at any stage in their life. Many forms of hearing losses can be treated by a doctor, like Albuquerque Hearing and Balance.  Even for those that can't be, the use of hearing aids can help to improve hearing.