2 Reasons To Get Allergy Testing If You Have On-Going Sinus Infections

When you first notice that you have a sinus infection, your original thought may be that it is an acute sinus infection that you picked up from someone else and one that will go away when it is treated with medication for a week or so. However, this is not always the case with sinus infections. Some sinus infections, known as sinusitis, are not acute, but are more long term and are actually caused by allergies. This article will discuss 2 reasons why you should considering going in for allergy testing if you have ongoing sinus infections.

The Testing Is Simple 

Testing to see if your sinus infections are due to allergies is very simple. The type of allergy testing done for this is going to be a skin test. For this procedure, the nurse is going to make several marks on your skin. She will then add drops of the allergen to each of these marks. Once this is done, she will then prick your skin in each of these locations. The prick causes very minimal pain, if any at all, and is going to allow her to see how your skin reacts to these different allergens. If any of the allergens cause your skin to do something that it otherwise wouldn't, this may be a sign that you have an allergy to it This can then help her to see what it is that might be causing you to be having sinus problems, and will begin the process of elimination.

It Can Help You Get The Medication You Need 

A general sinus infection is going to be treated differently than one that is caused by allergies. Because of this, the medication that you are being given may not be working for you. This can be incredibly frustrating because you will have to deal with the symptoms of the sinus infection for weeks at time without any relief. When your doctor realizes that this medication isn't work, this is when you will be able to go in for your allergy test. If the results show that you suffer from a more long term time of sinus infection that is due to allergies, you will be given a different kind of medication to try. This medication is going to be more geared to treating the type of infection that you have, thus producing the results that you have long been waiting for.