Expect Positive And Rewarding Results When You Undergo Botox Treatment For Your Hair

Botox hair treatment is for real, and your hair can benefit from botox applications. You've heard all about botox for your lips and even for urinary frequency, but botox for hair may seem a little strange to you?. Before counting out botox for your hair as quackery, clearly understand that your hair takes on a healthy and attractive appearance when botox's protein-packed formula goes to work converting damaged hair into soft and manageable hair. Treatments with botox correct dull and over-processed hair. Your hair has much to gain by having botox hair treatment.

What The Treatment Can Do For You

Powerful and active ingredients within botox restores damaged hair cuticles and damaged cortex with its nourishment qualities. The product effectively achieves success in fixing damaged hair while it's being applied from the hair roots to the tip of your hair. Fuzzy hair and split ends are transformed into hair that is shiny, soft and attractive. 

How The Process Works

The process begins when a stylist uses a specific clarifying shampoo to cleanse each strand of your hair. Thereafter, your hair is given an application of the botox treatment. It is a timely application that lasts for approximately 45 minutes. During that time, your hair is treated section by section. Once complete absorption of the protein and antioxidant ingredients take place, the stylist uses a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to wash out the application ingredients.

He or she next styles your hair in whatever fashion that pleases you. The end result is that you now have a smooth and silky hairstyle brought about by ingredients such as vitamins, keratin, and oils that are built into the botox product. You can expect positive results from the treatment to last for approximately two months.

Safe Product Without Formaldehyde Ingredient

You don't have to worry about the dreaded formaldehyde ingredient that's found in a number of beauty products. Botox contains no formaldehyde, which is an ingredient that is known to contain carcinogens. Be assured that this protein-based product will fill the protein gaps in your hair fiber. If you're pregnant, you need not worry at all about getting botox hair treatment. It is safe for you to get a botox hair treatment without harming yourself or the growing fetus in your womb.

Equal Opportunity Botox Treatment For All Hair Types

One great quality about botox hair treatment is that it can be applied on every type of hair. It's an equal opportunity treatment that inclusively renders the same nourishment results whether your hair is curly, straight, afro-textured, fine, or thick. Your unique type hair will benefit from a botox moisture potency that makes the product so special.