Portable Ultrasound Machines For Orthopedic Care

Thanks to modern advances in medical testing equipment, machines are lighter and more compact than ever before. This allows the device to be available in a portable format to be used in a number of different settings and applications. An ultrasound machine is used to get a clearer picture of potential injuries of patients, providing doctors with a readable image that helps them make a faster diagnosis. For those coping with orthopedic-related problems, these machines are especially helpful. Having them available in a small, portable format, such as the sonoscape a6vā€‹, allows doctors to see patients in a variety of places.

Sports-Related Injuries

For people who play high-impact sports, the possibility of a shoulder, knee, or neck injury is very real. Thanks to portable ultrasound machines, sports physicians can keep these diagnostic tools nearby to help make fast diagnoses of varying conditions right on-site. An ultrasound produces a digital image showing the patient's internal ligaments, bones, and muscles to allow the doctor to determine if the injury is severe or something that can be more easily treated with ice and physical therapy. When it comes to the world of sports, this testing equipment is highly valuable since it helps players determine if they need to simply sit the game out or head to the hospital for more in-depth treatment.

Cost Savings

In many cases, an ultrasound reading can help prevent the need for a much more expensive test called an MRI. With small portable ultrasound machines, doctors can maneuver the equipment from room to room in a clinic or hospital to take a quick look at patients' conditions. The reading will help them take a closer look at torn ligaments, dislocated shoulders, and other orthopedic-related problems. By avoiding the need for an MRI, patients can see significant cost savings when it comes to their diagnosis. The ultrasound machine should be able to give physicians an adequate look at the patient's problem in order to move forward with the next steps for treatment without the need for more costly tests.

Faster Results

Thanks to the use of portable ultrasound machines, doctors can get quick, instant test results for patients with orthopedic injuries and pain. These results can be transmitted wirelessly to other clinics or hospitals where the results can arrive at the facility often even before the patient gets there. These quick results can help people get faster treatment and care, reducing their pain and downtime away from normal activities. Advanced models use 2D and doppler imaging to get the clearest image possible for the most accurate results. Thanks to these new advances in medical testing, patients now have the option of getting quicker, more accurate, and less costly orthopedic testing that can help improve their quality of life.