4 Surprising Medical Procedures On Very Small Animals

You know that veterinarians treat dogs and cats, but you might be surprised to learn about veterinary techniques that can be used on tiny animals as well. Here are four medical procedures done on very small animals. 

Set a Hamster's Broken Leg

When hamsters are handled roughly or when they get their tiny legs caught in cages and toys, a broken leg can result. Broken legs in hamsters will heal if they are treated appropriately. 

If the veterinarian suspects that a hamster's leg is broken, x-rays may be ordered. When the fracture is confirmed, the veterinarian will wrap the leg in a bandage or tape to make sure that movement is restricted. The doctor may also prescribe pain killers. The hamster will need to be kept in a small enclosure while the leg heals. 

Spaying and Neutering for Rabbits

You can keep your pet bunny from multiplying by having the animal spayed or neutered. Surgical procedures on rabbits are not the same as those on cats and dogs, so be sure the veterinarian you choose has experience with bunnies. 

Most mammals, including people, need to fast before a surgical procedure. This is not true of rabbits. They lack a vomiting reflex, so there is no chance that they will vomit during surgery. Also, going for many hours without food can be dangerous for rabbits. Feed your bunny before the surgery, and be sure your rabbit has fresh food when it wakes up as well. 

Goldfish Surgery

Medical procedures may not be commonplace in pet fish just yet, but at least one veterinarian is willing to perform surgery on a goldfish. CBS news reports that a veterinarian in Australia surgically removed a tumor from a 10-year-old goldfish named George. The veterinarian pushed oxygenated water to the goldfish through a tube so it could breathe during the operation. 

Egg-Binding Surgery in Pet Snakes

Egg-binding or dystocia occurs when a female reptile like a snake, turtle, or lizard cannot pass eggs through her reproductive system. This problem can be painful and lead to infertility and death. Surgical intervention involves the removal of the eggs. If the snake is not going to be bred, the entire reproductive tract may be removed as well. 

Veterinary medicine is more than just treating cats and dogs. Even the smallest pets deserve the best in health care, such as at Munster Animal Hospital, and veterinarians can provide all types of amazing treatments to help these animals live long, healthy lives.