3 Alternatives To Crutches After You Injure Your Foot

If you injure your foot or have surgery on it, you may need to use crutches for several weeks while it heals. Crutches aren't always the easiest things to use, especially if you have to work during your recovery. You may want to visit a medical equipment store and find something that is more comfortable to use and keeps you off of your foot at the same time. Here are some of the options available.

Knee Scooter

A knee scooter is similar to a walker. There is a padded seat that's used for resting your knee. This keeps your foot completely off the ground. The scooter is on wheels so it is easy to move around. You can control the direction it moves with handlebars, and you propel it with your good foot. These knee scooter or knee walkers come in a variety of styles.

You can buy one with rugged wheels if you have to do a lot of outdoor walking. You can buy a petite model if you'll spend most of your time indoors. They also come with accessories such as a basket or bag so you can carry books and other supplies while keeping your hands on the controls. A knee scooter is easy to use so you won't feel unsteady like you do with crutches and you won't have to deal with sore arms.

Knee Crutch

A knee crutch is similar to a regular crutch but there are some crucial differences. When you use a knee crutch, you only have to use one crutch because it straps onto your upper thigh. Your knee rests on a padded cushion so your foot is always elevated. These crutches are thigh-high so you don't have to use your hands or arms at all. The bottom of the knee crutch comes to a tip just like a traditional crutch and you walk normally using your good foot and the crutch. One of these is ideal if a knee scooter takes up too much space and when you want to always have free use of your hands.


You can buy a lightweight wheelchair for an affordable price. If your foot injury makes you feel unsteady and you're afraid of falling when you rely on a walking device, then a wheelchair might be a good option. Most buildings are wheelchair accessible, so you won't have too much problem getting around. The chair has foot rests so your foot will be off the ground. You can even buy footrests that elevate if you need to keep your foot up to reduce swelling. A wheelchair offers the most safety and comfort since you can sit while you are mobile.

If can be difficult to stay off your foot for a period of several weeks. Finding the right medical equipment could make a big difference in your recovery and comfort while making your life easier.