4 Tips For A Smooth Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Whether you are not happy with the size of the breasts that you were born with or you want to restore volume and perkiness after weight loss or pregnancy, breast augmentation is one way to enhance your bust and make you feel more confident in your appearance. Breast augmentation is a major surgery that requires the use of general anesthesia. However, women who select an experienced plastic surgeon are usually happy with the results and feel that the recovery period is a small price to pay for their newly enhanced breasts. Use the following tips to help your recovery from breast augmentation go smoothly:

Stay on Top of the Pain

During the first several days after surgery, it is not uncommon for the breasts to be swollen and bruised. You may just feel overall discomfort, but it is possible for the days after surgery to be quite painful. Your surgeon will most likely prescribe a painkiller for you to use at home—it is a good idea to take this according to the directions provided to minimize the pain. If you skip a dose, the pain may come back and then you will have to wait for the painkiller to start working.

Have Supportive Bras on Hand

Immediately after breast augmentation surgery, the breasts are typically bandaged and wrapped tightly to help minimize swelling. After your surgeon tells you that it is okay to remove the bandages and bindings, it is important to have supportive bras available to wear for the first few weeks post-op. Many surgeons recommend wearing a tight sports bra style, or a compression bra that is specially designed to be worn after breast augmentation.

Carefully Follow Your Surgeon's Directions About Showering

For the first few days after surgery, your surgeon will most likely tell you to avoid taking showers and to take sponge baths instead to stay clean. It is important to follow these directions closely, as failure to do so can interfere with how the surgical incisions heal and may increase the chance of infection.

Arrange to Have a Helping Hand After Surgery

In many cases, you will be able to leave the surgery center a few hours after you have a breast augmentation performed. Since anesthesia is used during surgery, you will need to have someone drive you home. For the first few days after surgery when you may be feeling sore and uncomfortable, it is a good idea to have someone available to help take care of you. If you have small children, you may need a longer-term plan for help, as you will most likely have a restriction on heavy lifting for a couple of weeks after surgery. 

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