Tips For Traveling Comfortably With Arthritis

If you have arthritis and you are going to be taking a road trip, you want to make sure you prepare yourself to deal with the pain while you are in the car. This article will offer you some helpful tips on how you can travel with arthritis and get more enjoyment out of the trip.

Make a rice sock to take with you

A great way to keep the pain at bay is with a rice sock. You want to take a sock and fill it with rice. Tie the open end of the sock. This sock can be put in a microwave for about a half a minute at home. However, when you are on the road you'll need to come up with other ways to warm it.

You can stop at truck stops along the way and use their microwaves. You can also bring a baby bottle warmer with you that plugs in the cars lighter. When you want to heat the rice sock, you can put it in the bottle warmer for a few minutes. Place the rice sock on your problem area, and it will help to keep the pain at bay.

Bring a tens unit with you

A tens unit includes a small control box and wires. On the ends of the wires are patches you will stick on yourself. You will control the tens unit with the box so you get the desired effect. This unit will send electronic pulses to your bothersome areas and electronic pulses disrupt the pain signals, helping you to feel better.

You can purchase a tens unit at a pharmacy. You should make sure you read the warning label first because there are some people that shouldn't use this type of device, such as anyone who has a pacemaker in place.

Stay on top of your medications

Don't pack your medications in the trunk so you have to wait to take them. They should be right with you and you want to make sure you take them on time. If you are a person who tends to fall asleep on long trips, set the alarm on your watch or smart phone to wake you up when it's time for your next dose.

Keep the car at a comfortable temperature

If the car gets a bit too cold, it can really affect your arthritis. Let everyone know ahead of time that you need to be kept comfortable and bring a blanket in the car with you just in case.

These tips will help you to travel in less pain when you have arthritis. If you find you are uncomfortable, try switching seats even if it means moving from the front to the back. Sometimes the right seat can make all the difference.

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