Prescription Costs Too High? Apply For An Alzheimer's Care Patient Assistance Program

If your loved one needs stronger, more effective medications to manage his or her deteriorating health due to Alzheimer's disease, the prescription costs may be too high or expensive to obtain. Some Alzheimer's drugs cost more to make or develop by pharmaceutical companies, which increases the out-of-pocket costs for clients and their families. But there's a way to lower the costs of your loved one's expensive medications. You may find financial relief and assistance for your loved one's medications through a patient assistance program.

Who Offers Patient Assistance Programs and Why?

A great number of families don't know where to turn to for help when their loved ones can't afford their medications. However, a number of pharmaceuticals that develop medications for the care and management of Alzheimer's disease can help lower the expenses of these prescription drugs.

In order to meet the rising costs of prescriptions, numerous pharmaceutical companies provide free or low-cost medications to clients who need the drugs but can't afford to buy them on a regular basis. The clients may also have insurance plans that don't or won't cover certain medications needed by their clients to manage their condition. The insurance companies may consider the drugs too expensive to purchase. 

Patient assistant programs will also pay for your family member's medications if he or she meets one or more of the criteria below:

  • Lives in an Alzheimer's care facility, which is paid for by the state 
  • Lives at home but has limited to no income
  • Lacks private insurance coverage but doesn't qualify for state-funded health insurance — the state may not offer medical assistance if your loved one's retirement income, disability check or assets are over the minimum state requirements for the free insurance

Now that you know where to look for help, it's time to apply to the programs for your loved one.

How to Apply for Patient Assistance Programs?

To apply for patient assistance programs on the behalf of your loved one, contact the pharmaceutical companies listed in the free databases found on educational sites, such as WebMD. The database may require that you list the names of the drugs your family member needs help paying for now. Once you have access to the drug companies, you'll need to submit proof of your loved one's income. The drug companies will instruct you on how to do so when you contact them.

If you need additional help finding a patient assistance program, ask your loved one's Alzheimer's care nurse, manager or provider for assistance. These resources can help you find and obtain the prescription help your family member needs faster.