Infusing Marijuana Capsules In Coconut Oil: A Cure For Many Diseases?

Coconut oil and marijuana were standard home-made food and medicinal products in rural areas of the West Indies back in the day. Many people boiled and pressed the fleshy insides of coconuts to obtain oil for cooking purposes. They also soaked marijuana leaves in white rum and then sent the liquid potion off to their families in the big city to be used for all manner of ailments. It's no surprise to learn in the 21st Century that coconut oil and marijuana have jointly become curing agents for many modern-day medical ailments.

Choosing Pure Coconut Oil Products

There are all kinds of claims about coconut oil today. However, it is important for you to make sure that the coconut oil you use is virgin or nonhydrogenated coconut oil, which means that the product is 100 percent pure. Read the labels on all coconut oil products.

How Coconut Oil Is Produced

Extracting coconut oil from coconuts is referred to as a wet milling process from which virgin coconut oil is produced. Oil is extracted from the white inner milky flesh of coconuts during the process of wet emulsion. Wet emulsion is a heat-generated process that allows coconut oil to rise to the surface leaving the milky substance in solid form below. The oil is then collected for packaging.

Infusing Medical Marijuana Capsules in Coconut Oil

Medical marijuana capsules are now being reportedly infused in coconut oil. Experts say that the infusion presents an alternative way to administer the use of medical marijuana. This dual method is said to render the potion to patients without their need to inhale the drug through smoking. Experts maintain that this type of infusion allows it to enter the liver where it is rapidly processed thereafter.

Why Is Coconut Oil Part of This Blend?

Industry experts explain that coconut oil is used in this process because it contains large amounts of fatty acids. Fatty acids serve as the perfect binding agent for cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are several psychoactive substances found in marijuana.

Lauric Acid Fat in Coconut Oil

It is noteworthy that more than half of the fat in coconut oil is identified as Lauric acid. Lauric acid is said to be a miracle ingredient because of its reported healing capabilities. It is found in large amounts only in coconut oil and palm kernel, according to reports.

How Lauric Acid Works Inside Your Body

Lauric acid in your body is converted into monolaurin, according to scientific findings. Monolaurin is described as a triple antiviral, antiprotozoal and antibacterial substance. It is said to be a monoglyceride, which is a combination of glycerol and fatty acids. Those qualities enable monolaurin to destroy lipid-coated viruses such as HIV, herpes, measles, influenza and other infective bacteria, according to scientific findings.