Vision Problems That Could Keep You From Driving

The next time you go to the DMV to renew your driver's license, failing the eye test could keep you off of the road. Vision problems could also make driving difficult, and in some cases, impossible. If you find yourself behind the wheel with any of the following eye problems, get a check up by an ophthalmologist for an examination. Many of them are easily treated so you can be safe on the road once again.


This is an inability to focus on things close to you. In your car, you may have trouble reading the speedometer or what station your radio is tuned to. This is caused by the lens of your eye not focusing correctly and the muscles that control your eye's shape becoming less flexible. The treatment is to wear glasses or contacts. Laser surgery can also be done to reshape the lens.


This is the inability to focus on things far away, making road signs hard to read. You may even have difficulty seeing pedestrians on the street or other cars converging on an intersection. The cause is similar to presbyopia, where your eye can no longer adjust enough to give you a clear image. Again, glasses and contacts will solve your problem. Laser surgery on the lens is also an option.


This will cause street lights at night to look as if they have a halo around them. You may become more sensitive to light, and it could be hard to see at night with oncoming cars that have their headlights on. Cataracts occur when age or disease causes your lens to become cloudy. This changes the light going through the lens to your retina. As cataracts progress, vision becomes less clear. You may have difficulty reading road signs. Treatment consists of surgery to replace your lens with an artificial one. This is a common surgery and can be done as an outpatient.

Macular Degeneration

This creates areas of vision which are blocked out. It can look like patches of gray or black obstructing your sight. When driving, you could miss traffic signs, people on bicycles, or children that run into the street. This is caused by a deterioration of the retina and there is no specific cure. You do need to see an eye doctor quickly to prevent the damage from getting worse. There are medications available to slow down the retinal damage.

With each of these vision problems, you could find yourself grounded from driving until they are corrected. If you suspect any of these eye issues, see your doctor, like Atlantic Eye Consultant PC - Delianides Aris P MD, for an exam. Keep yourself safe on the road by making sure your vision is up to the task.